Why Buy a Fireproof Safe?

fireproof gun safe

Safes are pretty self-explanatory about what they do. They keep things safe and ensure that burglars or other criminals will have a harder time getting those valuables. In addition, gun safes can provide an area for firearms to be safely stored and kept away from children.

Not a lot of people think about fire when it comes to protecting their valuables, but many safes are being constructed to be fireproofed and insulated, especially if guns or paper items are inside. Guns and bullets are especially vulnerable to fire and heat and can cause some real damage if not kept insulated.

How fireproof safes work

There are two types of a fireproof safe, that both work to keep the inside cool:

A safe with Fireboard in it has some protection in the form of moisture, and when the board is heated up the moisture is released and evaporates inside the safe, keeping the inside cool while also keeping the items inside safe from damage.

The second type includes Composite material that goes in between the steel walls of the safe, and it acts as a light form of insulation. This stops the heat from entering the inside of the safe, as the composite material blocks it and keeps the items inside safe.

Other materials and ways of fireproofing exist, but they are still in the process of being tested and analyzed.

Getting a safe

A fire can happen at any time or place, and if a safe is already present in a home to protect from theft, then it might as well be installed to defend against fire as well. By having knowledge of the methods that can keep guns and valuables safe, an informed decision can be made.

A fireproof gun safe is something most people don’t think about until it’s too late. Don’t be one of those people and invest in one before it is needed.